We’re excited to announce that our dental care services now extend to parents too! At Delicate Dentistry, we believe in comprehensive family care. Whether you’re bringing in your little ones or seeking dental services for yourself, our dedicated team is here to provide personalized and quality care for the entire family. Schedule an appointment today and experience our commitment to your family’s oral health.

Our aim is to make the experience of visiting the dentist  relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your child.

Meet Our Team Of Dental Specialists

The Paediatric Dentist - Dr. Sue Springbett

Dr. Sue

Dr Sue Springbett worked as a Specialist in the public and private sectors as well as at the University of Adelaide as a tutor.
In 1998 Sue established her first practice, which she named Children's Dentistry in Norwood.
In 2018, after 29 years and 6 grand children Sue decided to take a short but very well earned break before opening the new Specialist Paediatric Dental Practice here in Marion in 2019.
Dr Sue now has seven grand children who keep her up to date with all the latest trends.


Bernadine is our practice manager and also a dental assistant. She has been working with Dr. Sue for many years and knows how to keep the practice running smoothly. Say hello when you see her at reception.

The Paediatric Dentist - Our Dental Assistant Christine


Christine enjoys working with children. In her spare time she likes to go on family camping trips and running around after her 2 young children. Christine is new to our practice and we are thrilled that she has joined us.

The Paediatric Dentist - Welcome


Debra has worked with Dr. Sue for over 18 years.
She loves working with children and is a real favorite with our young patients.

Useful Information

First Visit

Usually the first visit is a “get to know you and your child” visit. It is an opportunity to discuss your child’s treatment requirements. Should your child require urgent dental care it will provided at this appointment.

Special Needs

As a Specialist Practice we are able to look after all your child’s needs in a friendly and caring environment. Our staff are specially trained to care for complex medical problems or a physical/intellectual disability.We are here to support you and your child and to achieve the best possible outcome caring for their teeth.

Keeping Teeth Decay Free

It is important to treat decayed teeth but also very important to prevent further decay. We will discuss diet and tooth brushing and other preventive measures with you and your child.

Relative Analgesia (RA) Happy Gas

Happy gas is especially good for children who suffer anxiety. It makes them relaxed and happy. This helps them overcome their anxiety and makes dental treatment possible.

General Anaesthesia (GA)

Occasionally children need their treatment done while they are asleep. This may be due to their age, the amount of treatment they need or perhaps due to a physical/intellectual disability. Your child is admitted to Calvary Adelaide hospital as a day stay patient and a specialist anaesthetist administers the general anaesthetic. While asleep all your child’s dental treatment is completed.


It is important that your child has regular dental check-ups. It allows us to monitor growth and development, pick up any problems early and give you advice appropriate to your child’s stage of development. If your child has Special needs, the recall times are often shorter to help him/her get used to visiting the dentist

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